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C and C++ programming on Windows 10

1. Visit Atom Website and Install it :
2. Open Atom
3. Press ctrl+ comma to open Settings
4. Click on "Install" button
5. Search for "gpp-compiler"
6. Click Install

Now you are ready to go.
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Some Sitecore Resources to follow

Sitecore John :

Difference between ASP.NET MVC and SiteCore MVC

I am posting the differences between ASP.NET MVC and SiteCore MVC here from John West's post on SiteCore, for my own reference. 

Stack and Heap Memory

Source: Stack Overflow
I am merely reproducing from the stack overflow. This is for my own study and reference purpose.

Stack and Heap are implementation specific and may vary across compilers and processor architectures. However, here is a simplified explanation.
Both the stack and the heap are memory areas allocated from the underlying operating system (often virtual memory that is mapped to physical memory on demand).In a multi-threaded environment each thread will have its own completely independent stack but they will share the heap. Concurrent access has to be controlled on the heap and is not possible on the stack. The heapThe heap contains a linked list of used and free blocks. New allocations on the heap (by new or malloc) are satisfied by creating a suitable block from one of the free blocks. This requires updating list of blocks on the heap. This meta information about the blocks on the heap is also stored on the heap often in a small area just in front of every bl…

India for the visiting foreigners!

Living in a new country is not a cake walk for anyone ; getting adjusted to the cultural boundaries, the social differences etc ...And you cannot make any dynamic changes to any of these, (no matter which country it is)..But you can change the way you look at things which will definitely bring in a change to your life.  

You need to get out and about. India, is never boring. In fact, just the opposite. I've lived in places where life passes you by - here in India you live life. That's what's so wonderful about the country and its people.
In some countries you can set your alarm for 7am, get up, have a hot shower, have the same breakfast you've had for the last 264 days, leave the house at 7.45am, get the 7.52 train to work and be in your office at precisely the same time every day.

In India you can guarantee that each day will be different. Just the fact that each day you will meet a different set of circumstances is not boring. Here you learn coping skills fo…

Useful DOS Commands related to Internet and Network

nslookup This command has many functionalities. One is for resolving DNS into IP. Lets say you know the website URL but you don’t know its IP but you want to find it out. Eg. nslookup ( is the website for which you want to find out the IP) Now, another really nice function of nslookup is to find out IP of specific Mail Severs nslookup (enter)set type=mx (enter)yahoo.comThis command will give you the mail server IP of You can use whatever server you want and if it is listed on DNS, then you get the IP. Simple, isn’t it? You can send a spoofed email to your friends using the IP address of the mail server. net view
net use net use \ipaddressipc$ “” /user:administrator (this command will allow you to connect to the target as administrator) Now if you want to connect to the target and browse the entire C drive, then use this command: Code:
net use K: \computernameC$
(this will create a virtual drive on your “my computer” folder) Please not that this com…