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5 Reasons to Use CSS based Layouts

1. Reduced Bandwidth costs due to less data exchange
2. Higher Search Engine Ranking beacuse of cleaner code
3. Faster Download Speed due to less size
4. Increased Reach due to compatibility with many gadgets
5. Easier to Maintain the HTML

90% done syndrom

Couple of hours ago i read a very interesting post related to Software Project Management on Coding Horror.

The 90% done sysndrom can be stated like this: The first 90% if the project takes 90% of the time & the last 10% takes the other 90%.


And Lord knows,kids like Henry need a hero.

Courageous, self-sacrificing people......setting examples for all of us.

Everybody loves a hero.

People line up for them.Cheer them. Scream their names.And years later, they'll tell how
they stood in the rain for hours... ...just to get a glimpse of the one......who taught them to hold on
a second longer.

I believe there's a hero in all of us......that keeps us us strength......makes us noble......and finally allows us to die with pride.

Even though sometimes we have to be steady......and give up the thing we want the most.Even our dreams. Spider-Man did that for Henry......and he wonders where he's gone. He needs him.

Protocols of matrix : 1st on Scour

Recently i got many invitation to join the scour ( social search engine), i was curious to check the results and i submitted my result,bingo, my blog came at the top indicating that my blog is at 1st position on Google, Yahoo, MSN Live search engine results. Take a look at it below & here is the search result .

Rules : It is simple to follow rules some times

Today i had a verbal fight with BMTC Pusphak bus driver. I was going to my office and boarded a bus, when i was getting into bus, at the entrance the driver asked me where i want to go, i said Richmond Circle.He said he will not stop bus at richmond circle and he was forcing me to board another bus. I said, why can't you stop the bus at richmond circle as there is a bus stop.and he was scolding me, then i said you are not doing your job & not following the rules.And also i mentioned to him that, i am telling him the rules designed by the BMTC Authorities and i am not creating something new to defend myself. When i was telling these things no body was concerned and not speaking a word, all kept quit seeing the drama. I don't understand what's wrong with people, they doesn't care about others.One more thing may know is, in Spiderman movie, a boy says to his mom that "everybody likes a hero",a hero who can stand for other's cause,but they them self don&#…