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Swami Vivekananda: Warrior Saint Of India

A Wednesday: Must See Movie

Wow!!!!!!!! Ultimate movie i have seen so far, It is unique, one of its kind.
The last monologue by Nasir was well written and really thought provoking.

Watch a part of it here.

“An ace shooter wins Gold and Government gives him 1+ crore.Another ace shooter dies fighting terrorists and Government pays him 5 lakhs.Guess the real winner !!”I know the comparison is very difficult to make, but why we don't honor the people who die to save us? Why we tolerate so many things? Why we get used to it so easily?Why can't we fight back for the right thing?Let me know your ideas and views.

The sooner the better

The time has come for Indians to do some Research in Fundamental Sciences, this area causing India to buy technology from other countries. It is evident that all the latest technologies are the results of Fundamental Research.

As per my knowledge, in India we are producing Engineers, who go and work for a service based company, but very less people choose Basic Sciences(Physics, Maths etc) as their graduation. The main reason behind this is Job & money.
It is good if Organizations support the research graduates in Fundamental Sciences, i am thinking of an organization which generates revenue from Software Development (product or service), and supports the researchers in the Fundamental Sciences to carry their research.
In coming future we may loose the momentum of growth due to lack in the knowledge of fundamental sciences, we can't go and purchase each and every useful technology from countries like US. To be self reliant India has to take steps in this direction and provide a g…

Experiment at CERN :End of Days?

There is a news about an Experiment to be conducted by scientists tomorrow at CERN (a European Organisation for Nuclear Research). The experiment is being conducted through a machine called Large Hadron Collider (LHC) , largest particle accelerator on earth.

The intention of this Experiment is to crack the secret behind the Origin of Universe and to study the Validity & limitations of current Standard Atomic Model.
Some scientist are claiming that it is the end of the world,because Black Hole sucks everything around it, not even light can escape from it.
If you are reading this after the experiment on 10 September 2008,then you are alive.
Update:  1. Check the above link for the timings.
10 September 2008 After the Experiments.
1. Stephan Hawking rules out the possibility of destruction. 2. LHC switched on, and scientist started experiments. 3. LHC Home Page on CERN and see below CERN Rap Video

Detection Mechanism

At four places …

Difference between Build, Rebuild & Compile

Recently after deploying our application, our modifications were not showing up then we rebuilt the solution and it worked, till that time i did not break my head understanding what Build & Rebuild was. Here is what i found out.

Build means compile and link only the source files that have changed since the last build, while Rebuild means compile and link all source files regardless of whether they changed or not. Build is the normal thing to do and is faster. Sometimes the versions of project target components can get out of sync and rebuild is necessary to make the build successful. In practice, you never need to Clean.

Build or Rebuild Solution builds or rebuilds all projects in the your solution, while Build or Rebuild builds or rebuilds the StartUp project, "hello" in the screen shot above. To set the StartUp project, right click on the desired project name in the Solution Explorer tab and select Set as StartUp project. The project name now appears in bold. Since the …

Google: Organising the worlds knowledge

Internet is every where & Google is organizing the World's Knowledge.

Corporate Vision: "Google's mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful."

Never before in history of humanity so much information was available at a finger tip. Year 2004 marked a revolution with the introduction of Google search Engine. Note the word "Universal”. Since from 2004, year the company went public, Google has been releasing a steady stream of innovative tools & services - some of them developed by Google's Engineers, many others brought in from acquiring start-ups: Google Search, Google Earth, Gmail, Orkut, Google Chrome, Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Blogger, Picasa, You Tube, Adsense, Adwords..... the list seemingly endless.

Initially it looked like random growth. But as the time passed, the above applications helped Google to gather more information and organize the pieces of knowledge. With the growing information at …

Shaolin Temple: The Temple of Shaolin Kung Fu

Those of who have seen Martial Arts Movies have heard about the "Shaolin Kung Fu".
With an intention to spread the Shaolin Kung Fu & Culture, Shaolin International Federation is set up.  Shaolin Kung Fu was developed by Bodhidharma (an Indian) as mentioned on the Shaolin Internation Federation's website ( which is reproduced below). 
"Almost all the stories can be traced back to him, Bodhidharma, the 18th-generation heir of Mohakasyapa. It is Bodhidharma who founded the religious philosophy named the Zen. It is he who developed the world's unique Shaolin kungfu. And, most important of all, he integrated the status focused Zen with the Shaolin kungfu known for its bravery and fierce valour, thus rendering the martial art tradition of the Zen an ever lasting glory. "

World Bank API

Interested in tracking World Bank related statistics? World Bank API comes to the rescue.Couple of days ago i was searching for some statistical data related to world bank &  accidentally i found one link which led me to World Bank's API website.
As they have mentioned ont their website, the sole purpose of API is to understand the trends & patterns as well as  make the data available to people, who can then transform this data into some kind of mashup.
I thought my readers whould be interested in working on it.

Software Engineer on Deadline

Exploitable Windows XP Media Files

Problem: If a Folder Contains Media Files (both Video & Audio) and if you select a video/MP3 or just open the folder or while Windows XP trying to build the thumbnail in your Windows XP Machine, then Windows Explorer Crashes.
Solution: This has been identified by Microsoft & Patch for it can be downloaded from  Microsoft Site Windows XP Security Patch.
For More Details : 1.

Silence, listening & meditaion

"To hear the voice of God, you must be silent,because God whispers".

Most of us don't listen fully.We listen only long enough to determine whether the speaker's ideas matches with our own. If it doesn't match then we stop listening. Humans usually listen to what they want to hear not what is being told.

I think we are not giving enough concentration towards listening.AS you might have observed most of the people will be telling you that they "don't" have time to think also. It is happening because, we are more concerned towards action and neglecting the silence & the listening.

And also you might have observed that, some or the other thoughts will be running in your brains, that voice makes us unstable.

Somewhere i read that, quantum physicists are believed that "empty space" between atoms is filled with life energy. And even Einstein mentioned about it as "the only reality".

And to listen, we must be silent & silence comes wh…

Why do i blog? Latest insights & updates

Luckily i got this question running in my mind. Why do i blog? want to get popular or impress people? improve writing skills?why should i blog at all? So many unanswerable questions suddenly started bursting in my mind within fraction of seconds, what can i do now? blog about it again?am i addicted to write something or is it a new kind of blogging mania? or my reading ability is overloaded and making me to write something? What the hell.............!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here is what at present i think all about it.

This blog wasn't created to change the world or to dazzle few bloggers/readers.It's all about my scrambling on trial & errors, experiments,readings,programming. Some how i feel that my reading habits make me to tell about it to people around me.

BTW From the comments, i can see that very less people read my blog, is it because there is no pattern or structure in my writing?

Need to analyse my self, it's really good that i got this question, it seems feedback mechani…