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reached 100 posts .

This is my 100th post on this blog. I want it to be special and tell the world about me,whay i write on almost all topics, why i am so passionate about this world(nature).

In my quest to understand this nature, and with my reading habits i am like this. There are many quotes,books,people,information that have changed my thinkings till date.

When i look back what i have achieved i come across so many things but so little things i have achieved.

The quotes which resembles my thinkings are as follows,

1. Use your talents in whatever combination you can,But if you want something extraordinary,you have 2 paths.

1) Become the best at one specific thing
2) Become very good (top 25%) at two or more things
--------------Scott Adams,
2. I have no special talents.I am only passionately curious.
--------------Albert Einstein

And above all these things curiosity,creativity,imagination have contributed more towards my understanding of this nature and world.

2.0 and the world

Whether you like the terminology or not, things are changing on the Internet, which is increasingly embedded in people's lives. People have access to vast amount of information at their fingertips, they have access to all the beautiful applications such as You Tube, Slide Share,Blogs to name a few of the long lists.

Does this matter to your business? It's not hard to see how changes in the online environment will affect your business sooner or later.

For people who need an introduction to Web 2.0, here are a few links to get you started:
* Tim O'Reilly's definition
* the conference
* trademark controversy
* Troy Angrignon's ChangeThis manifesto combines a solid background on Web 2.0 with applications for business.
* and of course Wikipedia for the Beginners.

We seem to have a number of discussions about terminology going on—about Web 2.0, RSS versus feeds, social media,social networking the debates only prove that people are interested in these topics,…