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The Burning Monk

Thích Quảng Đức

10 June 1963,

"something important is going to happen tomorrow outside the Cambodian embassy in Saigon" a letter containing these words was delivered to the U'S correspondents based in Vietnam in china. Most reporters decided to ignore this piece of information. The Protests of the Buddhists in Vietnam had been going on for over a month and nothing that might grab a front page headline was expected out of the Buddhist revolt, there wasn't going to be any "fireworks". The Buddhists were peaceful people after all....

Malcolm Browne was one of the few reporters that turned up at the venue the following day. Monks carrying banners and shouting slogans were on a procession nearby. this was not an uncommon sight as the protests by the Buddhist community against the Diem government for ill treating monks in vietnam had been only increasing in the days preceding 11th June.

An Austin west-minister Sedan rolled to a halt at a busy intersection outside the…

Download your Facebook Data

I always wanted to download all of my status messages & others wall posts from facebook. Hope you people to wanted to download these things from facebook.

Now facebook allows us to download our complete profile. Read their documentation about Downloading Your Facebook Information.

Good atlast we can download all our posts, comments by friends etc.