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Understanding the Google Search Query Syntax

Many people are fascinated by the results generated by Google, here i have tried to analyze the Search query syntax.

Go to Google and Search for "Einstein" you will get this url in your address bar
as_q=Einstein (query string)
&hl=en (language)
&num=10 (number of results [10,20,30,50,100])
&as_epq= (complete phrase)
&as_oq= (at least one)
&as_eq= (excluding)
&lr= (language results. [lang_countrycode])
&as_ft=i (filetype include or exclude. [i,e])
&as_filetype= (filetype extension)
&as_qdr=all (date [all,M3,m6,y])
&as_nlo= (number range, low)
&as_nhi= (number range, high)
&as_occt=any (terms occur [any,title,body,url,links])
&as_dt=i (restrict by domain [i,e])
&as_sitesearch= (restrict by [site])
&as_rights= (usage rights [cc_publicdomain, cc_attribute, cc_sharealike, cc_noncommercial, cc_nonderived]
&safe=images (safesearch [safe=on,images=off])
&as_rq= (similar pages)

Help needed to Digitise the Books--- reCaptcha

I think all tech people heard about Captcha's and almost every one has used it while signing up for online service,the image with distorted text on them.

Captcha is actually a program which tells whether its user is a human or a machine by using simple concept of pattern matching (visual as well as audio). Which finds its application in reducing the spam content and to prevent abuse by automated programs like bots.

Usually people add the text shown in the image and it takes very less time(around 10 seconds) to solve the captcha by humans. But the same time can be utilized in some constructive work. Carnegie Mellon University came up with an idea to utilize this time wisely.

You may be aware of the OCR(Optical Character Recognition) software's which can be used to digitize the old books. They are not very efficient in recognizing the words present in the manuscripts and books.

reCAPTCHA improves the process of digitizing books by sending words that cannot be read by computers to t…

What software you like?

It looks funny to ask such questions...but i would like to know what software's people find interesting...... Here goes my list of softwares and tools (not necessarily all are listed here)

5.MS Office 2003(word,access, excel, photo manager)
6. Firebug
7. Web Developer
8. Visual Studio 2005
9. SQL Server 2005 & Management Studio
10. Google Tool Bar
11. McAfee Anti virus
12. ColorZilla
13. Outlook Express
14. Adobe Acrobat
15. MySQL & SQL Yog
16. Winrar
17. Google Desktop
18. Gimp
19. Picasa
20. Winamp
and many more...

Google OS -- a reality?

Take a look at Services offered by Google......I think they are building online OS (Internet OS?).
iGoogle: With the iGoogle you can create your own widgets – including a third-party search engine – to allow people to add it to the Google homepage.Google Video: Google Video went from displaying only videos you uploaded to Google, to now displaying videos from different third-party video services (including, but not limited to, its own services).SketchUp: SketchUp is a 3D software previously acquired by Google, and it allows you to import and export from/ to several 3D formats (like AutoCAD, Collada, FBX, 3DS, or VRML).Google Maps: Google has a feature called MyMaps which incorporates user-created overlays, as well as so-called Mapplets, which can add third-party functionality on top of Google Maps.Gmail: Google’s web-based email client allows you to switch your reply-to address to something external.
Additionally, Gmail is POP3-enabled, meaning you can install a third-party email client…

Those who seek shall find....

Internet has nearly limitless value-- you can use it to lookup the correct spelling of a word or to translate text between languages,or you can find the route & map of a location or even figure out "what is the name of singer/hero/heroin of that movie?" kind of things.

You can shop, or do job search, or publish blog entries while on vacation.

Taking it to the next level, you can use the Internet to interact with people, to express your ideas & views, make new friends around the world, or research your interests.

What I've discovered to be most surprising thing about internet is that ,"It contains life altering advice."

Regardless of this most people don't think to seek it out. They regularly use the internet as a convenient source of information,but fail to recognize its true potential as an instrument for self improvement.The fascinating thing is, every one has their own "gems of Internet" just waiting to be discovered. But its upto you to…

Self Assesment - Job Satisfaction?

At the start of each workday, I am reluctant to get out of the bed.At the end of each workday,the amount of satisfaction I received from the work I am doing is nil. Why should I stay loyal to such a meaningless job?

I think uncertainty & fear are the most common obstacles preventing me from doing what I love to do.

But we must all accept our burdens in life. I've always known that my one weakness is my sensitivity.I really fell that I haven't achieved my true potential.

I am willing to make sacrifices, if I know they'll lead me to my higher calling.

I just want to make a difference in society.I want to make a difference in the world.

I still need to grow & I need to experience life so that I can better serve the people of my country.I have to overcome my own insecurities & also I have to realize that with great power comes great responsibility.

With Grate Power Comes......

You Are Spider-Man
Quick and agile, you have killer instincts (literally).
And that kind of makes up for the whole creepy spider thing.What Superhero Are You?
I normally don't go for these silly types of things, and I don't ever take them seriously, but this one strikes me, because it actually seems kind of accurate (not the description, but the actual character). I grew up liking most of the comic book superheroes, but Spider-Man was always my favorite. I think it was because he wasn't the most powerful superhero, and the books focused as much on Peter Parker as they did Spider-Man. He was really the only character where the actual person (Parker) was more important than the superhero persona. If you think about Batman, Superman, and all the others, the superhero is who they are -- the alter ego is just an empty suit.

Not so Spider-Man. Everything he does as a hero is impacted by his life as Peter Parker -- he is always aware that what he does as Spider-Man has a consequence …

Deep web -- Underground Web?

In recent times many people are talking about "Deep Web". What it is? Is it Underground Web?

As per my exploration i think the sites which have not been submitted to and crawled by search bots are called Deep Web.

Any one who searches regularly over web has came to know that Google and many search engines don't provide all the results, they skip out the sites which they have not allowed to crawl or not submitted to search engines.

I am planning to work on search engine which can search even the "Deep Web" sites.
Any body out there interested to join me?write comment and keep in touch with me.

Am I Nerd?

I wonder whether i am really a nerd. I feel , i am nerd when i saw the defination of the word nerd. Only my friends can tell me............

Nice things on Web 2.0

Plethora of options to grow in Web 2.0 Cyber Space

I am really excited & fascinated about the happenings in the latest Web 2.0 Cyber Space. There are social networking sites(Orkut, Face Book, Hi5, Mingle Box etc..),Video sharing sites( You Tube, Google Video etc), Presentation slide shows( etc), Social Book Marking sites( etc), Blogs- Push Button Publishing(, etc) so many innovative ideas and products which inspires people to go ahead and work on their own innovative products.. like, SMS Reach Out,,,, etc.

Lets see what other innovative products come along the way.

Happy Coding, Designing, Curiosity , Creativity, Innovation

Help needed to fix this bug

#include stdio.h;
#define LAST 10

int main()
int i, sum = 0;

for ( i = 1; i < = LAST; i++ )
sum += i;

printf("sum = %d\n", sum);
return 0;

Social Media

A Literature Review on Social Media. A compilation of social media thoughts from the experts point of view. Produced by Alex Wong from Charles ... less Sturt Uni, Australia.

Slide 1: Social Media and Marketing: EVOLUTION or REVOLUTION ? Slide 2: Media Landscape Slide 3: Marketing has changed more….. Source: Internet Advertising Bureau, 2004 Source: Darwin Day Conference, by Google Slide 4: 1. Product Proliferation Product proliferation and availability means more choice for the buyer…….. Source: Strike up the Brands. McKinsey & Company, December 2003 Source: Darwin Day Conference, Google Slide 5: 2. Media Proliferation Today, media is fragmented • 13,500 radio stations(4,400 in 1960) …

Embracing web 2.0 in your workplace: 8 success factors for turning customer insights into action

The shift in customer behavior from passive consumers to active participants provides new opportunities to identify latent needs and keep your finger on the pulse of change. Embracing user generated media in your innovation processes can accelerate time to market, enhance business agility and increase competitive differentiation.

Transcript of the slide show:

Slide 1: Embracing web 2.0 in your workplace: 8 success factors for turning customer insights into action by : dirk shaw

Slide 2: Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati aligned its marketing department with a central “community” function, involving its customers in design, communication, and the brand experience. • The firm sold 31% more bikes in Q3 2005 than it did a year earlier • Increased number of page views by 60% in 2004, • 9 million downloads of brochures, bike sounds, and movies. “Ducati killed its marketing – and prospers” Forrester research

Slide 3: Lego’s toy community draws in users to share with one another and influenc…

Futurizing your Organization :Ideas to consider when designing a Next Generation Workplace

Are you prepared for the shift in demographics, behaviors and expectations in your workplace.

To maximize your most valuble asset, your people organizations need to begin thinking of what thier next generation workplace and experience will be.

This presentation covers trends shaping the workplace, a proposed experience architecture and ways to improve your existing invesments.

Transcript of the slide show :

Slide 1: Ideas to consider when designing a Next Generation Workplace Created by: dirk shaw Web: Email:

Slide 2: "Futurizing" your organization—that is, creating an organization that thinks in the future tense, and acts in the present—is a prerequisite for success in a rapidly changing and uncertain world”. James L. Morrison , World Future Society

Slide 3: Trends shaping the workplace Mobile  73 percent of companies worldwide will increase spending on innovation in 2005, up from 64 percent in 2004, Airport Home  Telework will be practiced by…

IIMA Presentation: Startup

Presentation to MBA students at IIM Ahmedabad. Given rapid growth in India there is interest in leading or joining a startup as opposed to a corporate job.

Slideshow transcript

Slide 1: Is a Startup Right For Me ? Sanjay Bhargava IIM, Ahmedabad, Aug 13, 2006

Slide 2: Passion & Talent • Sachin • Michael • Sanjay

Slide 3: Timing • Wealth Creation • The Indian Gold Rush • Information – OCW • Micro Multinational

Slide 4: Who is this ? • Indian entrepreneur • Incorporated in Gibraltar/ Banking Dubai • Ops/Mktg/CS in Mumbai • Servers in USA • Credit Card processing in Germany • Floral Delivery in 153 countries

Slide 5: Comfort v/s Creation • Why should we work with you ? • Why should we buy from you ? • Why should we invest in you ? • Why … Why … Why

Slide 6: Entrepreneurial Mindset • Can create magic one trick at a time • Understands how the game is played • Builds the right support structure • Controls the future rather than predicts it

Slide 7: Lead or Join • Joining Early stage w…

Bridging the GAP: Designer / Developer

The days of building a "website" are over. We are full-fledged application designers, the web is merely our front-end. The increasing complexity of application development is causing our various disciplines to converge, with designers dabbling in front-end code and developers working through interaction paradigms. Though the scope of our work and particular roles continues to increase, excellent communication remains the key to success. Tom Watson will discuss principles that will help bridge this gap so you can create simple and beautiful web applications.

Web 2.0 - Future of the Web

Web 1.0 : was Commerce
Web 2.0 :is People

In our Daily Life we are so addicted to computers no matter what we do.People are doped with the use of pc like found of blogging,gaming are well know fever in which some guy’s event forget to sleep.Now most the computer application are shifted toward online.(lang like ajax,php,java are most popular for making web applications)
The move to put more and more of those familiar programs on to the web has been happening for a while but its latest incarnation has won the name of Web 2.0.

Here is the slide show which gives you tips on what you need to become a web 2.0 company.

Future of Marketing:Word Of mouth Marketing

We all are aware of the growth of Web 2.0 Companies, these all companies are using different marketing approach to reach maximum users, they came up with a new concept of marketing their products. Companies and Products like Google, Orkut, Mingle Box, Face Book all have applied this new concept of marketing to gain popularity.

The latest concept( or the Buzz word) is "Word Of Mouth Marketing". Take a look at this presentation to understand what is it all about.

And This

AJAX Quick Glance: Part 3

new ActiveXObject(Microsoft.XMLHTTP)
This constructor is for Internet Explorer.

new XMLHttpRequest()
This constructor is for any other browser including Firefox.

An anonymous function is assigned to the event indicator.

http.readyState == 4
The 4 state means for the response is ready and sent by the server.

http.status == 200
This status means ok, otherwise some error code is returned, 404 for example. "POST", "data.xml", true);
URL of the script to execute.
true for asynchronous (false for synchronous).

http.setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");
This is for POST only.

Send data to the server. Data comes from the "TYPEDTEXT" variable filled

throught the form by the user.

AJAX Quick Glance :Pat2

How it Works?

Ajax uses a programming model with display and events. These events are user

actions, they call functions associated to elements of the web page.
Interactivity is achieved with forms and buttons. DOM allows to link elements of

the page with actions and also to extract data from XML files provided by the


To get data on the server, XMLHttpRequest provides two methods:
- open: create a connection.
- send: send a request to the server.
Data furnished by the server will be found in the attributes of the XMLHttpRequest

- responseXml for an XML file or
- responseText for a plain text.

Note:a new XMLHttpRequest object has to be created for each new file to load.

We have to wait for the data to be available to process it, and in this purpose,

the state of availability of data is given by the readyState attribute of


States of readyState follow (only the last one is really useful):
0: not initialized.
1: connection established.
2: request received.
3: answer in proce…

Ajax Quick Glance: Part 1

Famous Set of Techonologies make AJAX a hot topic.AJAX has changed the way

Web apps are developed and used.AJAX is used to build fast, dynamic websites, and

also to save resources.

AJAX- Asynchronous Javascript And XML

Asynchronous- means that the response of the server while be processed when

available, without to wait and to freeze the display of the page.

Ajax is a set of following technologies

1. HTML --for formatting
2. Javascript --client side processing
3. XMLHttpRequest
4. CSS --for styling
5. DOM --to access data inside the page or to access elements of XML file read on

the server (with the getElementByTagName method for example)

other than this some of the optional technologies

* The DomParser class
* PHP,ASP,ASP.NET,JSP and other programming language on the server side.
* XML and XSLT to process the data if returned in XML form.
* SOAP may be used to dialog with the server.

Lockheed Martin award for 14 Indian innovators

Top 14 indian innovators have been awarded Innovators award by Aerospace gaint Lockheed Martin Corporation which along with Federation of Indian Industry and Commerce and IC Squared Institute at the University of Texas had organized a program called "India Innovation Growth Program" to help Indian innovators take their technologies into the U.S. and European markets.

Here is the list of top 14 Innovators

Gold medalists

1. Natesh Babu of Techweb Technologies, Bangalore
2. Amarnath Bhat of Oriental Software, Bangalore
3. R.Gopalan of Composites Technology Park, Bangalore
4. Mahendra Pratap of Integra Microsystems, Bangalore
5. Janak Seth of Century Pharmaceuticals,Vadodara,
6. T.R.Rao, Mumbai
7. Meera Goel of Som Extracts, Ghaziabad.

Silver Medalists

1. W. Amarnath, Chennai,
2. Mohan Kandaswamy of Oriental Aquamarine Biotech India, Coimbatore,
3. Ashwin Bhambri, New Delhi,
4. Joydeb Roy Chowdhury of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)’s Durgapur-based Centre for Mechanical …

Tips to Reduce Eye Strain or computer vision syndrome

Reduce lighting glare in the path of viewing.

Keep visual distractions around: work near a window, put the clock across the room andd turn off the screen clock, anything that helps you look around and change your visual focus frequently.

Make sure the viewing angle is perpendicular to your face, and the screen angle keeps your neck relaxed; that is probably a little below your natural eyeline.
Arm angle to the keyboard needs to be similarly relaxed. If you have to move your arms, hands, or neck (from a comfortable seated position) to get into position to use the computer, something needs to move.

Monitor Configuration
Increase the Refresh frequency of your Monitor (right click on desktop select properties then select settings tab and click on advanced button. Select Monitor tab and change the frequency to higher frequency.

Enable Windows XP ClearType. (Click Here To Download the Clear Type Tuner)

Eye Strain: The Startrek Explanation

"That's because electromagnetic radiation from the cathode ray tube in the 3 centimeter range of the electromagnetic spectrum interferes with gamma waves of the corpus callosum splenium portion of the brain, causing a sympathetic excitation of the parahippocampal gyrus, on a sub
quantum level, which sets up an interference wave in the 400 to 700 nanometer range, changing the linear interpretation of the space/time continuum to a logarithmic interpretation."

What evolution left behind in human body?

Its nice to know that what was left in us from our ancestors in the Evolution. I came across an article which explains what our ancestors left to us in our body.

List of body parts left behind
1. Appendix :which helped us to digest the cellulose.
2. Paranasal Sinuses :They make our heads lighter (weight wise), and adds warmth and moisture to the air we breath. It helped us in olden days to have good smell sense but we lost that power now.

And many more. Read more about it at.. What Evolution left Behind?

Things you need to know for Starting a Software Company in India

Below are listed steps, laws, rules and specifications about Companies act 1956 which one must consider when setting up a company in India.The below is divided in 2 sections. Foreign investors willing to start a company in India, and Indian citizens willing to start a company in India.Disclaimer: The author, or cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the content below, This is for informational purposes only. Please consultant a lawyer in your local area for changes brought to laws, information about and new bills passed.For Foreign investors: 1. Incorporating a Company.
2. Registering with the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI).
3. Gaining Approval from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) for Call Centers.
4. Exit Options.Incorporating a Company There are mainly two types of companies in India: public and private companies. Overseas organizations will find it easier to set up a private company rather than a public one as private companies have more f…

Reign of the Web World (aka Internet)

Recent innovations in the world wide web(WWW) have transformed our lives, our networking with other people,our thinking and the way we market our products.

Initially Internet was used by very small number of people comprising of mainly scientists and researchers, but at present more than 1 billion people on the planet use Internet for their day to day work.

Web developments helps us to see how the social forces and information changes our life time.

People use Internet :
1. to do business(stocks, internet marketing, e-commerce,ads..)
2. to see the real time news (both multimedia as well as text)
3. to blog (which is helping in changing politics and publishing industry)
4. to Email (which is replacing the way people interact)
5. to enhance their knowledge (browsing - which helps to explore new things)
and many more.....

Internet is the main source to see the patterns in the human race and their thinking, it helps to interact with people from various places of the world...

It may be the best tim…

The Bamiyan Buddha's

Hope you all remember the Great Buddha Statue at Bamiyan valley, central Afghanistan.They were destroyed by the Taliban with the assistance of Pakistani and Saudi engineers in 2001.

Here is the Details of Bamiyan and Buddha:

Bamyan (or Bamiyan), situated 240 kms northwest of Kabul between the snow-covered ranges of Koh-i Baba and Hindu Kush, is a small city lying in a beautiful valley containing the remarkable statues of the Buddhas of Bamiyan. The kingdom of Bamiyan was a Buddhist state positioned at a strategic location along the silk road a caravan route linking the markets of China, India and Europe.It was the site of several Buddhist and Hindu monasteries, and a thriving center for religion, philosophy, and Greco-Buddhist art.It was a Buddhist religious site from the second century up to the time of the Islamic invasion in the ninth century.

The Buddhas of Bamiyan were two monumental statues of standing Buddhas carved into the side of a cliff in the Bamiyan valley in Afghanistan. Th…

Google and OCR

As you all know Google is attempting to digitize all the printed material available. Google uses OCR to make the printed material to be readable by the search engine crawlers.This means that the scanned page doesn't appear as an image to the search engine. The words can be deciphered and so keywords etc...can be used in the same way as they would for web documents.

How OCR can help common people?
Suppose you have written something all over a whiteboard and then realised that this is good stuff and you want to keep it all, but it's too much to write out? Did you get your camera or mobile out and take a photo? This is where OCR can really be efficient, you could it into your computer and it would still be able to read the text (of course if the handwriting and pattern recognition is also included).

Limitations of PageRank concept of Google

We all are aware of the Google's PageRank Based Searching algorithm to produce the search results.

But I think there are certain limitations to this type of algorithm. Following are the limitations i think:
1. New pages have less page rank and they take much time to be get listed and gain high ranks.
2. If some one inaccurately quote something on an web page then subsequent readers also quotes it on another web page, search engines index all of the inaccurate pages, and we end up with a mess where fiction is accepted as reality.
3. Search results are based on the literal(keywords, tags,meta data) things but not on meaning.

I think the move of Google to provide custom search engines may help to reduce the above mentioned limitations. Or somebody else take care of these limitations and they may dominate the Google dominated world.

Let me know about your views on the limitations of PageRank and Google.

Let us hope that in future we can get very accurate results based on the present resear…

Cross-language Search: What is it all about?What is CLIR?

Cross-Language Information Retrieval (CLIR) : This is the technique used to retrieve the information stored in different languages. We all are aware of the Google's translation services, Google is now working on CLIR to translate search queries to other languages and back again for the results.

How it Helps?
It helps to break the language barrier by finding anything in any language.And also it helps to digitize the old manuscripts and helps people find the information from old books written in forgotten languages.'s New Search Engine?

We all know about the search engine gaint Google, recently i came across a site called which is operated by google.

Is Google researching on secret search engine ? Take a look at Searchmash.

Why another search engine?Is Google Experimenting with new ways of searching the web?Why its not listed in google labs?

If you find any information let me know too.