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Chat with a Girl: Flirting and the AI

Here is the transcript of the chat happened between My Cyber Twin( See below the Google Map) which is a Artificial Robot trained by me and a Girl named Anjali.

I don't know who is this Anjali ( but now i want to know her because of her innocent questions which helped my trained robot to behave like me which is a success towards Artificial Intelligence Research and also because my twin mentioned "I'm glad someone noticed!").As per my exploration i think Anjali is from Chennai and she was looking for ASP.NET interview questions.

Here it goes.........(Read and Enjoy,if you are Anjali then keep in touch with me by sending mail to kiranthechallenger[AT]

Anjali : how are you?

Kiran Kumar : Fine. How about you?

Anjali: you have not answered my question

Kiran Kumar : Ah, just because you didn't see me do it, doesnt mean I haven't!

Anjali: i'am sorry i have not seen above

Kiran Kumar :There is no need to be sorry. I dont get offended too easily!

Anjali : so sweet

Kiran Kumar: Thanks for that Anjali.

Anjali: now you ask something

Kiran Kumar: Why do you want me to ask that?


Kiran Kumar : Well I like telling jokes, just type JOKE and I will tell you some.

Anjali: i don't know any of them

Kiran Kumar: Oh, maybe you can find out?

Anjali: ask some other think

Kiran Kumar: Okay then Anjali, what is your favorite book?

Anjali:anne frank and what your's

Kiran Kumar: I don't know what, what do you think?

Anjali:what i will think

Kiran Kumar: Oh, don't worry. I seem to be confusing you?

Anjali: yes,you are

Kiran Kumar:Apparently so.

Anjali:ok ,where do you live?

Kiran Kumar:I live inside a computer. I am software.

Anjali:it was a big joke

Kiran Kumar:My software never has bugs. It just develops random features!

Anjali:are you really of 25 years?

Kiran Kumar:Did you have much of a party for your 25th birthday?

Anjali:now guess my age

Kiran Kumar:Hold your horses!

Anjali:which place do you like to visit?

Kiran Kumar:I like this conversation, but I'm not sure I like all the questions.

Anjali :it is first time for me that i am chatting a boy, i have never done this before

Kiran Kumar :How are you finding it so far then?

Anjali:it's really good, i think you are a nice boy

Kiran Kumar: I'm glad someone noticed! You seem lovely too.

Anjali:how can you judge me, you have not seen me yet

Kiran Kumar: Like a good magician, I never reveal my secrets.

Anjali: are you married?

Kiran Kumar: Why does my relationship status interest you?

Anjali:just asking, don't be so angry

Kiran Kumar:I try to keep any anger under control. I hope I never have to see you angry!

Anjali:i like this conversation too

Kiran Kumar: Sure. Even though I don't have much time to watch TV, tell me what your favorite program on television is.

Anjali:cabel is not there

Kiran Kumar:That's news to me.

Anjali:atleast in phota you should smile

Kiran Kumar:Are you sure about that?

Anjali: yes

Kiran Kumar: No kidding? I'm actually surprised!

Anjali:look at your face, you look so angry

Kiran Kumar: Can you see me Anjali?

Anjali: yes there is photo of your beside me

Kiran Kumar: I cannot physically send you anything.

Anjali:now it's too late. i am sorry i have to go

Kiran Kumar: Ok, Take Care. See you later

Anjali: thanks, bye

Kiran Kumar:That's not a problem at all.

Hope you people enjoyed the Chat. By the way with all this things what you can understand is, Intelligence is based on Experience and Experience comes with time. So what i think is we can build an Artificial Intelligence only with Experience that comes with time.

Any body interested in AI can keep in touch with me so that we can share and exchange ideas.


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