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Experiment at CERN :End of Days?

There is a news about an Experiment to be conducted by scientists tomorrow at CERN (a European Organisation for Nuclear Research). The experiment is being conducted through a machine called Large Hadron Collider (LHC) , largest particle accelerator on earth.

The intention of this Experiment is to crack the secret behind the Origin of Universe and to study the Validity & limitations of current Standard Atomic Model.

Some scientist are claiming that it is the end of the world,because Black Hole sucks everything around it, not even light can escape from it.

If you are reading this after the experiment on 10 September 2008,then you are alive.

Check the above link for the timings.

10 September 2008 After the Experiments.

1. Stephan Hawking rules out the possibility of destruction.
2. LHC switched on, and scientist started experiments.
3. LHC Home Page on CERN and see below CERN Rap Video

Detection Mechanism

At four places around the LHC ring, protons from the two counter-rotating beams will collide.
The collision energy condenses into particles (e-, p, p…) .Detectors surrounding the collision point are sensitive to the passage of energetic particles.


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